Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What the birds have to say about winter.

It has been said that birds don't sing in the winter.  Since I noticed over the last week (before this crazy freakin winter storm blizzard) the birds were singing more and more each morning - I'm encouraged that Spring isn't far off!! :) 

Although this is what I see outside my window, I'm planning to get busy like the birds and make something for Spring!!

If you are looking for a fun little bird project you should visit here.  I might try this today.  Not really a bird person?  You can also use fabric scraps to make a fabulous camera strap cover.  I made several as gifts this year at Christmas and kept this one for myself. 

There are many tutorials out there for this, pick the style you like best and get after it! Just google camera strap cover. Make the most of being stuck inside, bake something yummy, I'm thinking about these yummy looking cupcakes!! Pour yourself a hot cup of something tasty and CREATE!!!
 PS: come back and share a photo of what you create today!!  

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