Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh January so full of white!!  I'm really not a big fan of cold and snow but it does allow for lots-o-blog-reading time and crafting.  I'm telling you there are some fabulously talented people out there.  Lately I find myself constantly reading some of my favorite blogs and then running downstairs to my "studio" (fancy name for finished basement work area) to whip up something lovely that I just read about like this coffee filter wreath.  Go here to make yours.  A pretty inexpensive treat for Valentine's Day decorations!!  And the frame the wreath is hanging over was inspired by here

 This is what my frame looked like until January 9, then I just peeled off the vinyl clings I made with my cricut and voila an empty canvas!  Sweet.

Another time honored January tradition is setting goals, whether they are financial, health or personal driven it is good to have goals.  I usually make our family budget for the year in January and part of that includes finding ways to save.  Two of my most favorite sites right now for budgeting and frugal living are here and here
  Thanks to my new co-worker JM who told me about the second one.  Only 6 more days left in January - do your best to enjoy them, even if you don't love winter!

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