Friday, August 28, 2009

imagine no lines

lines, lines everywhere in our fast passed tech driven world you would think one would not have to spend a whole day standing in line. i woke up this dreary friday and headed out to run a plethora of errands. first stop was the dermatologist which thankfully i was first in line. however my being first stopped there: i left her office and proceeded to stand in line for 40 minutes at the DMV, then spent another 30 in line at the local cable office from there i stood in line at both kohls and the grocery store, finally ended my professional line standing at the post office. oh well it was a productive day all in all. till next time - rz

Thursday, August 27, 2009

attention all divas!!

i have had the lovely pleasure of many wonderful girl friends. every woman no matter where she is in life thrives with good friends in her life. recently i've had a special group of friends we call ourselves the"dishin divas"; we go out to eat, make things and share recipes, mostly we enjoy each other and share life. it has been a long time since we've gotten together but today i'm motivated by fellow diva sister michelle to get something organized - so look out divas here i come...

already enjoying this blogging!!!

a recent very cool event....a week in branson mo with extended family and just check out how adorable our newest addition is.

pictures from the middle

i have often found myself in the middle. i grew up as a middle child, which has all kinds of implications both good and bad. my views on most things are pretty much middle of the road, however there are a few things i'm passionate about such as; my family, faith, homemaking, photography and creating in general. and now i find myself at this joyous time known as middle age. all my (3 rz/bz/jz) precious children have now left home for college, and yes i am broke. my dear husband (wz) seems to be taking the change well. in the last 3 years he has bought a motorcycle, purchased weapons and stared smoking cigars! i'm trying to understand his approach to this stage of life, but i must admit it isn't always easy. so i'm turning to writing as my outlet. so come back and keep up or never visit again - just embrace whatever stage of life you are in and enjoy each day!!