Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh January so full of white!!  I'm really not a big fan of cold and snow but it does allow for lots-o-blog-reading time and crafting.  I'm telling you there are some fabulously talented people out there.  Lately I find myself constantly reading some of my favorite blogs and then running downstairs to my "studio" (fancy name for finished basement work area) to whip up something lovely that I just read about like this coffee filter wreath.  Go here to make yours.  A pretty inexpensive treat for Valentine's Day decorations!!  And the frame the wreath is hanging over was inspired by here

 This is what my frame looked like until January 9, then I just peeled off the vinyl clings I made with my cricut and voila an empty canvas!  Sweet.

Another time honored January tradition is setting goals, whether they are financial, health or personal driven it is good to have goals.  I usually make our family budget for the year in January and part of that includes finding ways to save.  Two of my most favorite sites right now for budgeting and frugal living are here and here
  Thanks to my new co-worker JM who told me about the second one.  Only 6 more days left in January - do your best to enjoy them, even if you don't love winter!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Long....

As the new year begins and I make a big change in my life, I hear the words of my sweet mother-in-law.  Each time we visited her, as we left she would say, "so long".  If  one of us slipped and said good-bye she would correct the offender and remind them "so long" is much better because it indicates I will see you again.  In two days I will be starting a new job, one I'm very excited about.  It brings with it, hours more conducive to my family life and also some challenges.  My final day of work at my current job was Dec 31.  On Jan 1, 2011 I pondered, as I often do on that date endings and beginnings. Of course, with the end of one job and the start of another these thoughts were profound for me this year.   I have learned much at my old job and look forward to learning new things at my new one.  It is always hard to leave behind the people you work with, they become your second family.  Each of the people in my old job have a special place in my heart.  They taught me what it really means to sacrifice.  Several of these people have worked in medicine for most of their lives.  They have missed Christmas morning with their kids, school plays and many family gatherings due to their jobs.  Trust me, they aren't doing this for the money or glamor, but because they are truly meant to be doing what they are doing.  These are the smiling faces and caring hands that care for sick people no matter what the holiday is on the calendar.  I admire each and every one of them, for what they do and how they do it.  This was my first job in medicine and it was very eye opening to the thanklessness of it, but also the rewards too.  Each time a person said how much it meant to them that we were open on a holiday or were "nice" to them, it made being there so much easier.   Often when people don't feel good, or they don't have money to pay for services it is taken out on those caring for them.  Being sick outside of office hours is bound to happen to most of us.  I just hope we can always remember that those caring for us in Urgent Care Centers and ER's have a family at home waiting for them and have chosen to serve the sick as a career.  Thank a nurse, doctor, secretary, x-ray tech, lab worker or even someone in billing the next time you have to seek out help and they are there for you.  As I leave behind a job filled with such inspiring co-workers I say to them not good-bye, but so long.  Happy New Year!