Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Kitchen Update Adventure

So I decided it was finally time for new appliances.

Pretty cool right -- till we figured out the fridge didn't fit.  The picture above is showing how they look after pulling out a couple of cabinets.  Now what to do about that...

 While taking down the old cabinets (which we decided to re-do ourselves), we just kept discovering more work to do.  So we basically tore out the whole sink wall - yikes!  This was no fast process since we were doing it ourselves.  So glad we didn't try this while we still had kids at home.
 Yuck!  this is why we had to tear out the whole wall. 
Took down the cabinet doors and out to the garage to refinish.
The video said it could be done in a weekend - it took me almost two weeks.  But I love the result. We used a product by Rust-Oleum called cabinet transformations we got at Lowe's for a huge cost saving and great results.
New cabinets back in, new counter tops and new sink and brand new walls primed and ready for the new backsplash. 
And finally the hideous cabinet over our island comes down.  Someday I will post a good side by side of the before and after, if we ever finish all the details......