Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thankfulness through my lens

I have been following Ann Voskamp's blog; she inspires me and I hope you will be inspired too.  Check out her blog here.  I am currently reading her book titled one thousand gifts - it is a beauty to read.  I wish I had read this years ago.  After reading the first 53 pages I was taking photos at the Mississippi river this past weekend when I thought, I know I can't write like Ann but I could photograph things I'm thankful for.  But wait, a thousand things?  I will need some accountability - that is why I'm blogging right now.   So we come home from the river and I continue reading and wouldn't you know - I  read on page 56 of the book "some days I pick up the camera and it is the hammer". ( Read the book and you will get the hammer reference.)  Anyway, I thought, "hey maybe that is a sign for me."  So I did some math......I figure 7 weeks of 2011 have passed so I would have to take an average of 21 photos every week by years end to compile my "list" of 1000 (ok, so I might have to write some).  So here goes, the first of many thankful photos.  I hope you are inspired, to make your own list and if nothing else to slow down and see the beauty in every moment. 
 1. Fresh Flowers - especially from my Valentine!
 2. These gum balls... found this one on my walk/run today - makes me think of being a kid
 3.Warm clean dishes with the push of a button
 4. A husband that can fix anything - although I hate the trouble of a wrecked vehicle - I always know he will take care of things - ahhhh!
 5. & 6. Bacon frying -love that smell, and an iron skillet handed down to me when we married that I've fed my family from for nearly 28 years.
 7. Country fences especially at sunset
 8. Winter woods with nothing but the sign of the life that must live there.
 9. Winter plants waiting with the same anticipation as I for Spring!
 10. Swans!  Amazing how they can find the only unfrozen part of a giant river
 11. Small towns where flags wave high and large
 12. Trains..almost everywhere I've lived in life I could hear trains even now in suburbia, makes me feel connected to the past
 13. Holes in trees - one day I will catch a critter peeking out at me
 14. The Mississippi - even in her frozen state - majestic and powerful
16. Wild ducks basking in the warmth of late winter sunshine
17. the moon in the middle of the day!

 So this means I'm on a roll only 4 more to go this week!!
  I'd love to hear how you are enjoying the small things in life, feel free to post a comment.

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