Thursday, October 28, 2010

back at it

So I apparently didn't have as much time as I thought I would this year. I have kept very busy working full time ( 3 kids in college - yikes). I'm finding that life continues to be about balance. As our stages of life change so do the things we are balancing. My current big balancing act is between working full time outside the home and still being able to do all the things I love at home ie: cooking, homemaking, crafting etc. I like for the nest to be well feathered each time the little birdies flock back for a visit. I found myself wandering back to this blog after browsing so many of the inspiring blogs out there. Not that I have anything to really inspire anyone with, but what a great way to communicate with others in this cyber driven world we live in. I am sad today because we normally go visit dear friends in KS (we used to live there) this time of year but it didn't work out for us this year. All three of our kids attend college at a school that happens to be on the way to visit the friends in KS - so alas, no visit with them either. So instead I sent each of them some pumpkin sugar cookies! I was pleased to read on the middle kids facebook page the following status, "just ate the best cookie ever- thanks mom". Ahhh, little things like that make it so worthwhile to have worked 52 hours in five days at work and still managing to bake cookies late at night. Makes the balance act a bit easier. Thank goodness the hubs can leave his job to take my packages to the post office. PS: who doesn't love looking up at a full October moon!!

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